Categoria: | 02-10-2023

If you are a worker from the agricultural sector, if you have been fired or your job contract has expired, you could have the right to claim for an unemployment benefit. Be careful, you must submit your application not later than the 31st of March.Note that the benefit is based on the days worked during the previous year.

The unemployment benefit is for those workers who: 

  1. Are registered in the Agricultural workers’ lists.
  2. Have at least two years of insurance seniority.
  3. Have worked at least 102 days during the last two years

In order to apply for the benefit, you must be in possession of the: 

  • Fiscal code
  • Valid identity document
  • All the pay slips to which the request is referred
  • IBAN of the bank account/postal account of the applicant
If you are not an Italian or European Community’s citizen, you must present also:
  • Valid residence permit
  • Valid passport

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